Double H – 12″ Gel ICE Work Western Safety Toe (Men’s) – Brown Full Grain Leather


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This beautifully crafted 12″ Gel ICE Work Western Safety Toe boot is just the style you’re looking for. Features the Ultra Welt with Gel-Cell insole. The Ultra Welt system works with the Gel-Cell insert for more comfort all around. An extra Gel-Cell is inserted in the Vitalize insole giving you cushion in the ball of the foot. The Gel-Cell is a non-memory polymer gel insert that adds comfort by reducing heel strike, and added value by eliminating the need for additional comfort inserts. Also Features the DRYZinnovative insole system that absorbs moisture and molecularly converts it into a dry gel within the insole of the shoe. As a result, the insole absorbs all the moisture from perspiration throughout the day, yet remains dry to the touch. The Vitalize comfort layers consist of a Vitalize Orthobed for shock absorption and climate control, and a stability board for firm protection on tough landings. This dual component system adds comfort and strength for your feet.


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