Georgia Boot – G030 GORE-TEX 9″ Comfort Core Logger (Men’s) – Crazy Horse Full Grain Leather


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Georgia Boot designed these men’s 9″ Comfort Core Logger work boots with full-grain leather and Armortex fabric; the leather is outstandingly smooth and particularly hardy, while the Armortex fabric delivers phenomenal abrasion resistance and provides a nice, comfortable stretch. In an attempt to keep external objects (such as: pebbles, grass, thorns, mud, vegetation) from coming into the interior of these round-toe boots, Georgia outfitted the work footwear with a brush guard kiltie – if you find that you do not care for how it looks, this is a removable feature! You will be pleased with how sturdily attached the solid brass hardware is and like knowing that the Georgia Boot laces are guaranteed for life. You will surely notice the counter lock heel that has been positioned on the back of these men’s boots; it is there to stabilize your heel (so it does not slide from side to side as you are working), which ultimately enhances the fit of this Logger. Plus, if you have a tendency to push your boots off at the end of a long, tiring day you will appreciate having this feature, because you are able to do so without damaging the leather upper. Perforated holes have been positioned on the exterior of this Logger; they’re terrific to have because they contribute great breathability. Inside, GORE-TEX fabric provides the ultimate waterproof protection, manages moisture by allowing perspiration to evaporate and offers remarkable wind resistance. Once you step down on top of the CC7 Comfort Core footbed, your feet will remain blissfully comfortable the whole day through; it molds to the shape of your foot, provides cushioning as well as support and helps to absorb shock.


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