Haflinger – Magic – Black/Grey


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A fantastic two toned clog featuring an embroidery detail with a traditional cork bottom. Features a contoured heel seat which allows for a comfortable ride while walking and absorbs the shock preventing back, neck, or knee pain. Also features a 100% wool felt upper for added comfort and a Rocker Heel which encourages the foot to ‘roll’ forward so you can push off in the toes in a natural, balanced way. The Cork-Latex Footbed with Arch Support makes it easy to walk or stand in a comfortable position. Wool Felt Insole Lining wicks is breathable, comfortable and wicks away moisture. Non-Skid Outsole provides excellent traction and will keep you stable and secure with every step. Roomy toe box with a toe bar follows the natural form of the foot and allows your toes to move freely and thus exercises and strengthens the foot’s muscles and ligaments while promoting healthy circulation. Your toes will spread out freely, contract naturally and essentially ‘work out’ while you walk all day.


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