Rocky – 6″ R.A.M Waterproof Insulated RO037 (Children’s) – Medium Brown/MO Infinity Leather/Nylon


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If you are looking for children’s footwear that is durable, waterproof and also insulated this Rocky Athletic Mobility Level 2 kid’s boot is a terrific choice for you! Rubber guards have been positioned on the toe and heel of these boots to protect against abrasions – if your little one wants to kick these boots off by shoving on the back of the heel, this guard is great, because it will protect the upper from being damaged. Having a hook-and-loop closure allows for children to get these camo boots on/off with absolute ease. When these kid’s boots were being constructed, they were treated with Rocky SIQ Atomic; this is a tremendously heavy-duty scent control that prevents an odor from being emitted into the wilderness and stops perspiration from building up underneath. Due to having 800 grams of Thinsulate Ultra insulation incorporated into the design, these round-toe boots will keep the wearer’s feet warm on even the chilliest of days – this is great for hunting, to wear on snowy days and also outdoors. To stay delightfully dry regardless of the weather conditions or setting, these boots were built with Rocky Waterproof construction. Considering how lightweight, breathable and soft it is, it is easy to see why mesh is the ideal material to line the interior of these camouflage boots. Another huge benefit of having this lining down inside of the footwear is that it will prevent these 6″ boots from rubbing against the wearer’s legs. The footbed provides just the right amount of cushioning to keep the bottoms of the child’s feet comfortable. Then there is the very hardwearing rubber outsole; its lugs are great for walking across rough, uneven terrain.


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