Rocky – 6″ R.A.M Waterproof Insulated RO044 (Children’s) – Olive/Treebark Leather


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To ensure that the upper of these Rocky Athletic Mobility (Level 2) kid’s hunting boots would be outstandingly durable yet still fantastically comfortable to weary. Toe and heel guards are tremendously beneficial, because they will help protect these lace-up boots from grazes and scratches. Regardless if you live in terribly wet regions or just get caught in bad weather while you’re hunting, the wearer of these boots will remain dry and comfortable, because the footwear has been assembled with Rocky waterproof construction. Along with the complete dryness protection that they provide, these RAM hunting boots are also outfitted with 800 grams of Thinsulate Ultra insulation to ensure that the child’s feet will stay perfectly warm in outdoor settings – when hunting season has ended, this feature transforms this footwear into the IDEAL pair of snow boots! On the bottom, the Rocky kid’s Lynx outsole contributes great flexibility, has enough cushioning to allow the wearer to stand comfortably and also provides excellent traction. This is an excellent sole for the bottom of these kid’s boots, because it will allow them to walk across a variety of terrain with absolute ease. If you have been looking for a pair of kid’s outdoor boots that are comfortable to wear and will keep the wearer’s feet warm and dry. These Rocky Athletic Mobility Kid’s Hunting Boots are a terrific choice for you!


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