Rocky – 7″ Insulated BlizzardStalker WP 3566 (Infants’) – Brown/MOBU Split Suede/Nylon


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The combination of materials, on the upper of this Rocky BlizzardStalker, creates a very comfortable and incredibly strong outdoor boot for children. For phenomenal resistance against abrasions, the bottom of this kid’s boot was covered in rubber; it extends up onto the heel, so children are able to kick these boots off without damaging the upper. Rocky waterproof construction is the ultimate barrier against wetness; having this ensures that that these outdoor boots will remain completely dry, even when exposed to damp conditions and environments. Then, having 1200 Grams of Thinsulate Ultra Insulation makes it the ideal cold-weather boot, because this allows the wearer’s feet to remain completely warm – great for snow days, or hunting on those chilly mornings. The ability to move with ease across rough terrain is possible, because this hard-wearing BlizzardStalker outsole provides excellent traction and is outfitted with an ascension cleat towards the front of the footwear and a deceleration brake is positioned near the heel. This Rocky Waterproof Insulated BlizzardStalker is an exceptional kid’s boot. It’s incredibly versatile -can be worn outdoors, as a snow boot, hunting or just as casual footwear, it has unbelievable waterproof protection and fantastically-warm insulation, as well as having a long-lasting outsole. Get a pair for your child today!


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