Rocky – 8″ Long Range Pull On Boot 3536 (Boys’) – Brown Leather/Nylon


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These Rocky Long Range kid’s boots have a simplistic yet stylish design that allows them to be worn to a multitude of occasions and settings. The pull straps are incredibly handy because they help make getting these boots on an easy process. Come rain or shine, your child’s feet are guaranteed to remain dry down inside of these pull-on boots, because they have been built with Rocky waterproof construction. Having this allows them to play outdoors without hesitation and you won’t have to worry about drenched feet causing your child to walk around with painful blisters or catching a cold. The Long Range outsole is the best thing to have on the bottom of your child’s boots. Its durability allows it to resist abrasions and hold up extremely well. It provides a great deal of traction so your child can walk with ease across rough terrain, while its flexibility ensures that your child can retain their agile movements. We believe that children’s footwear should be constructed well, made from top-quality materials, have comforting features and be made with a tremendous base, because you would expect nothing less from an adult’s boot. If this sounds like the type of footwear you want your child to wear, go ahead and get them a pair of these Rocky Kid’s Long Range Waterproof Pull-On Boots.


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