Rocky – 8″ RAM Ultralight L1 Boot 178 (Men’s) – Black Mesh


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This men’s 8″ Rocky Athletic Mobility (Level 1) duty boot integrates tremendously hardy materials to ensure that the footwear will allow you to perform at your very best, but it’s also incredibly lightweight and breathable to provide you with the upmost level of comfort. The upper, inspired by athletic footwear, fits securely and its lightweight design allows you to move with absolute ease. Due to having the speed lacing system, you will be able to get this footwear on/off speedily – great for when you want to get out the door quickly in the mornings and also when you return home at the end of a long day. Within the footwear, your feet will be pressing down upon the Air-Port footbed; not only does it supply sensational cushioning, but it also generates a great deal of air flow around the bottoms of your feet. Having extremely hardwearing TPU guards positioned on the toe and heel of these men’s boots is very beneficial, because it provides great resistance to abrasions. Getting a pair of these Rocky Athletic Mobility L1 duty boots is a fantastic idea. With its lightweight design, excellent fit, comforting features and significant breathability, you will actually enjoy lacing up these boots throughout the week. Get your own pair immediately!


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