Rocky – 9″ Athletic Mobility Maxprotect RO027 (Men’s) – Realtree APX Nubuck/Ripstop


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If you are a man who likes to go hunting, these Rocky Athletic Mobility (Level 3) men’s boots are exactly what you need to be wearing outdoors. Equipped with a TPU shield, the upper of these camo boots will be fortified with additional resistance to abrasions. Also, because these Rocky hunting boots were assembled with stitch down cement construction they’ll be exceptionally durable and extremely flexible. You cannot underestimate the value of having a lace-up design on your footwear; your feet will be able to rest securely down inside and it gives you the opportunity to adjust the fit throughout the day. To ensure that the interior of these 9″ boots would remain completely waterproof and breathable, regardless of the setting or how temperamental the weather is, these Rocky boots were outfitted with GORE-TEX fabric. Wanting to keep you comfortably warm, without interfering with the great fit of these men’s boots, led to Rocky incorporating 1,000 grams PrimaLoft into the footwear. You will not have to worry about releasing an odor outdoors or deal with perspiration building up on your skin, because this hunting boot has been treated with Rocky SIQ Atomic. The mesh lining is lightweight, breathable and will prevent these boots from rubbing against your legs as you move throughout the course of the day. Further down, you’ll find the Air-Port footbed to be extremely cushioning and appreciate the amount of air that it generates around the bottoms of your feet. On the bottom, the outsole is fantastically durable, contributes great flexibility, feels light and is extremely comfortable to stand on, because it has been made from a combination of rubber and EVA. These durable Rocky Athletic Mobility L3 Hunting Boots are able to offer you tremendous waterproof protection, outstanding comfort, powerful scent control and flexibility, the next time you go hunting, you’ll want to have these boots on your feet!


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