Rocky – IronClad WP Wellington 2430 (Men’s) – Brown Leather/Nylon


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Looking for soft-toe work boots? Want them to have a great deal of durability but still be comfortable? If that sounds exactly what you have been looking for these Rocky IronClad Waterproof Wellington Work Boots are unquestionably the right choice for you! This boot has been equipped with pull straps; once you grab ahold, you’ll be able to pull these 11″ boots on with complete ease. You’ll be singing the praises of the mesh lining that has been constructed into the interior of these brown boots. The lining is lightweight, durable and soft; therefore, it won’t feel burdensome, will provide great resistance to wear and will prevent these pull-on boots from chafing your legs. Plus, these work boots were assembled with Rocky waterproof construction, which means that the interior is guaranteed to remain dry. For additional comfort, a Rocky Air-Port cushioned footbed has been positioned directly beneath your feet. Why is it so great? It is made from polyurethane. You know those insoles that you’ve had in the past that wear completely down? Well, polyurethane doesn’t do that. It keeps its shape and provides outstanding cushioning. It also generates a steady flow of air, so your feet remain cool and extremely comfortable. Even further down, there is a midsole that absorbs shock, helps to reduce the amount of weight that you are pressing down and provides even more comfort. Since the midsole is particularly lightweight, it isn’t a feature that will weigh the boots down. The IronClad outsole is flexible, provides unbelievable oil and slip resistance (there’s actually a 7-layer system in place), hard wearing and exceptionally comfortable to stand on throughout the course of the day.


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