Rocky – Ram WP Hiker 3711 (Infants’) – Olive/Treebark MO Infinity


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Rocky designed this kid’s Hiker with a combination of materials to provide optimal durability. A toe guard provides further protection against abrasions. The lace-up design has a very exuberant appearance thanks to the lime green laces; this feature is great because it allows the wearer to adjust the fit of the boots. Mesh is a wonderful material to have lining the interior of these camouflage boots; it’s lightweight, very breathable, protects the interior against wear and the softness of the material prevents chafing. The cushioned footbed does a terrific job at keeping the wearer’s feet comfortable as they move throughout the day. Assembling this round-toe boot with Rocky waterproof construction allows the interior to remain dry (it’s guaranteed). Having a lightweight outsole is ideal for kid’s outdoor and hunting boots, because it helps the wearer to remain agile and prevents the footwear from feeling cumbersome. The rubber material is extremely hard wearing, flexible, provides a good grip and has cool-looking green accents that tie in nicely with the rest of the footwear. Kids can hunt in these boots, wear them to play with their friends outdoors and they can wear them to school. This Rocky RAM Kid’s Waterproof Hiker is very versatile, comfortable to wear, waterproof and highly durable. Get your child a pair today!


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