TwoAlity – Starter Kit: Clear Boot/Cotton Liner – Special Edi (Women’s) – Sierra Jewel/Pool Blue


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Boots by TwoAlity are designed to be worn with TwoAlity boot liners! Brighten up your rainy, snowy or muddy day by wearing Boots by TwoAlity and your choice of fun, vibrant boot liners! TwoAlity’s transparent rain boots are comfy and perfect for stomping across campus, running errands and so much more. These pretty little things can match any outfit or outdoor occasion! These transparent rain boots with interchangeable liners feature a lower and wider opening than other boots creating more room for calf and/or pants, and are 100% waterproof with deep lug sole. There will be Comfort Soles included with your boots! These comfort soles only need to be worn if you plan to wear the clear boots without your TwoAlity boot liners! If you wanted to wear the clear boots with your own tall socks, you will need to insert the comfort soles first. Please note that if you try to wear the comfort soles and the boot liners at the same time, the boots could be snug! Starter kits include a pair of clear boots and 1 pair of interchangeable cotton liners. TwoAlity boot liners are designed to flawlessly fit Boots by TwoAlity! The quilting and polyester filler keep your feet comfortable and cozy! The liners are machine washable making for easy clean-up after even the yuckiest day!


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